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  • 3 months ago
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Replicas of Insanity

Replicas of insanity

trapped in your reality

feeding you shit with a smile

telling you what numbers to dial

controlling your every move

feeding you lies through a tube

Replicas of insanity

manipulating your mentality

rearranging your thoughts

turning us into robots

slowly depleting our emotions

With these devilish temptations

Replicas of insanity

corrupting our humanity

with drugs and vices

evil upon all races

targeting our young

handing them the gun

Replicas of insanity

The ones you can’t see

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  • 1 year ago

The Used

Bloody, broken and bruised

just another one of the used

a pawn to society

living under sobriety 

Hiding behind the letters

Invisible to others

A ghost to some

the ugly, the dumb

the heartless, the numb

the forgettable one

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  • 1 year ago


Dont you just hate it when you cant sleep? It’s like one minute you’re sleepy as fuck (zombie status) and the next your wide awake. It really is lame way to spend the night, sleepless and half awake. I hate it, especially when I’ve had one of those shitty ass days and all I want to do is knock out and let my imagination take over. oh man how I hate that feeling, lying wide awake in bed just staring into darkness.

At times it can be a bit torturing, but that’s usually when you have something on your mind. Like earlier today, I was lying in bed, about to go sleep, when all of a sudden this thought pops into my head. It was a pretty random, had no real connection to what I did in the previous hours of the day. But regardless it decided to wander into my head, bringing back some memories I thought were lost. I really did not get why she, of all people, popped into my head.

Yes the thought was about a girl, but it was someone who I rarely talk to, which is kind of weird. It was one of my middle school crushes, this short, tiny, oompa loompa looking chick. and I’m thinking to myself, “Why you thinking about her bro? you dont even talk to her anymore” And to tell you the truth I didn’t know why, it just happened, just like every other sleepless night. Its always her or some other girl on my mind and its pretty fucking annoying. Sometimes I just wish I could erase it all, like in that one movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (awesome movie BTW).

Then I could finally sleep comfortably and stop thinking about the past. What I’m trying to say is that it would be nice to not have to think of past crushes or the girls that got away, I’m tired of that shit. Forgetting it all would really help me out with this fucking insomnia. But since that kind of technology has yet to be invented I guess I’ll just have to push through it. Man I need me some sleeping pills, or some bud, either one is good lol

JESUS CHRIST MONKEY BALLS!! I really do get sidetracked lol 

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  • 2 years ago


This is a short  poem I wrote :3 

I want to feel your tender lips

hold tight to your finger tips

never let go

live life slow

by your side

like Bonnie and Clyde

through the ups and downs

through the tears and frowns

in life and in death

till your very last breathe

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  • 2 years ago

Latino Genocide

These corporate pigs are all over us

Contradicting our thoughts with media buzz

Pulling the strings attached to our arms

Making money off these immigrant farms

Keeping the Latino community oppressed

Hiding behind the suits, keeping well dressed

These cons won’t quit till they bury us

Killing us silently to not cause a fuss

Taking us out one by one

This is genocide, our time is done

So open your eyes and realize

That this is apocalypse, our demise 

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  • 2 years ago

Hold On

My mind is full of blisters

full of thoughts, full of whispers

painful memories

all these awful tragedies

Cant seem to forget

all that I regret

I try to look towards the future

but everyday is torture

cant hold on much longer

all this hate, all this anger

I need to let it out

need to scream, need to shout

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  • 2 years ago

I Hate to See You Sad

This is a short poem I wrote for some chick a while back

I hate to see you sad

makes me angry, makes me mad

breaks my heart to see you frown

to see you blue, to see you down

makes me want to shout

when you’re sad, when you pout 

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  • 2 years ago
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  • 2 years ago


burning buildings, flashes in the sky

orphan children left to die

covered in blood of their makers

being hunted down by the life takers

The reapers, the americans

god damn murders, killing citizens

no regrets no remorse

killing everyone, full force

take no prisoners

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  • 2 years ago